Tech in Tandem

Demystifying technology and helping you stay connected with support, advice and coaching. Based in Alexandria, VA.

Fixing problems

Is something broken or slow or giving you error messages?  I'll figure out what the problem is and whether it is time for an upgrade. For problems I can't fix, I'll figure out who can.

Developing skills

Do you want to do more with your phone or laptop or smart TV? I'll teach you new skills and introduce ways that your personal tech can bring more delight to your life.

Building confidence

Do you wish you had a better handle on your personal tech?  My  personalized "tech check-up" will give you actionable ways to improve security, organize your information and sometimes save money.

Who is Chris?

I worked in corporate IT for 30 years (for Cisco Systems and the IMF) prior to starting this venture. Outside of work I volunteered as a technical expert with Computer CORE, an organization helping underserved adults reach their career aspirations, and with At Home in Alexandria, an organization helping people 55 and older successfully navigate aging.

I believe many retirees, seniors and others who grew up before the digital revolution need help and advice to engage confidently in our online world. I am enthusiastic about technology and patient with clients.


I charge $50 for an initial one-hour visit, and $85/hour for subsequent visits if needed. I charge a fixed $10 per visit (after the first visit) for travel.  I offer special rates for people who would like a regular, recurring check-in to get hands-on help for anything that comes  up.